Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller Review-By Coach O


Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller Review

Grid Foam Roller

Hey Guys! Coach O here and First off let me tell y'all how excited I am to write my first review article for the website! I'm in love with Foam Rollers and they are a HUGE part of my recovery.

For example, just this past weekend I competed in the "Texas Amatuer Athletic Federation or TAAF Summer Games, they were held at Texas A&M University.

I competed in 3 events and earned 3 gold Medals and set 2 TAAF State Records


As you can imagine after swimming in 3 events, my body is tired and sore. This is where the Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller comes in.

How did I get my Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller?

I first heard of this product while working at a running shoe store, in 2011. Honestly, I didn’t know exactly what it was at first. It just looked like a "fancy foam roller". But, I felt like I needed to purchase the Grid Foam Roller simply because it was different than any other I had seen PLUS I got half off on items, so saw it as a good Trial Buy. And I was right! I still have the original Grid Foam Roller, years later.



  • Firm has precise groves that feel like fingers on your muscles
  • Very versatile can get as small as Achilles and arms to as big as thighs and back.
  • I like that it has the "Hole in the middle" makes it easier to carry, store things in
  • Travel Friendly
  • Very Durable, personally owned mine for 7 yrs now
  • Negatives

    This may come as a shock but there aren't really ANY negative reviews. Me and Nikki disagree when it comes to travel friendly... lol that was my only "negative" for the Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller but she thought it was"positive" And when we searched AMAZON, they agreed that it is TRAVEL FRIENDLY.


    When we searched Amazon we found that, The Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller is rated a 4.7/5 with over 3000 reviews! When I looked into the "negative reviews" that people wrote, 95% of them are because they claim the foam roller is 'too hard'. I think it's because they are new to foam rolling and need to go to with a softer foam.

    Check out the "soft eva foam rollers" Here.

    Trigger Point had originally only one Grid Foam Roller and now it has many variations of the GRID. The Grid is the "basic" and you can go bigger or smaller, even harder. Check out the Chart below so see the different types.

    Types of Trigger Point Grid Foam Rollers


    I think what makes the Grid Foam Roller even better is the "online resources" available through Trigger Point's Online Portal. You can visit them here. To watch the videos, you will need to create a login though. But, I don't think that there are too many Foam Rollers that come with the resources that the Grid Foam Roller does and that's why It's one of My favorites and Nikki's favorites! I would definitely recommend the Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller to the moderate to experienced athlete and/or someone who is ready to take their Foam Rolling to the next level.

    If you enjoy the Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller or have any comments, please let us know by commenting below!

    Thanks for Rolling with Coach O!

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