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Coach O

I’m excited to Annnounce that there is a new member to the Rolling IT Out Crew, 

Coach Eddie Ortiz Coach O

Me and Coach O go way back to high school. We first became friends because we had an English class together and became great friends. We’ve always managed to hangout throughout the years and play basketball or hang out. It’s funny me and him always joke that he should have been voted, Most AthleticOur other friend, Drew won. 

Coach O went to University of Permian Basin and swam there. Univeristy of Permian Basin is in Odessa, Texas. It was the closest University and big city to where I went to college my first year, Sul Ross. Coach O Ran Cross Country and Track, Swam, and played soccer for one season. He has a long list of accomplishments, created a list of a few. I’m sure there are dozens more accolades that I could mention lol but heres a few.

Coach’s O’s Collegiate and Post Collegiate Awards

University of Texas Permian-Basin (2004-2009)

NCAA DII Cross-Country/Track (4years)
• Four Years Cross-Country
• Conference Champion 4x800m Relay
• Record Holder: 3000m SC, 400m, 800M, 4x100m, 4x400M, 4x800m
NCAA DII Swimming & Diving (4years)
• 6X Conference Champion
• NAIA 11x All American
• Record Holder: 100breastroke, 200breastroke, 4x100MR, 4x100FR, 200FRR, 200MRR
• School Record Holder 1-Meter Springboard Diving
• First Team All-Conference: 100BR, 200BR, 4x100MR, 4x100FR, 200FRR, 200MRR
• First Team All-1-Meter Springboard Diving
NCAA DII Soccer (2009)
• Graduate Student – Goalkeeper/Forward

Coach Eddie Ortiz

• USA Triathlon Athlete & USA Tack & Field Level 1 Coach
• Completed 9 Marathons | Boston Marathon Qualifier (Sub 3:01) | New York Marathon Qualifier (Sub 1:20)
• Rock & Roll Dallas 5K Champion
• TAAF State Swimming 28X State Gold Medalist
• USAT National Olympic Distance Triathlon Qualifier
• USAT Worlds Sprint Distance Triathlon Qualifier
• 5 Individual Sprint Triathlon Overall Winners
• Capital of Texas Sprint Triathlon Silver Medalist

Coach O’s work history

He first started coaching at Carrol high school and coaching PE at an Elementary school. He loved working with the elemnatary kids. “I told the kids that I’d buy McDonald’s for anyone who broke seven minutes, 30 seconds,” Ortiz says. “I had two girls who did a seven-minute mile. They were in third through fifth grade at the time, and I couldn’t believe it. These were kids who had never really participated in sports at a very competitive level, much less run on track teams. I realized there was a ton of potential in those kids and decided to do something about it.”

He decided to start a  Beach to Bay relay team in May 2011, but the school wouldn’t sanction it. So he registered them himself – and Elite Feet was born. 

The Team soon grew to over 100 kids, and helped placed Corpus Christi on the map for runners. In 2015, one of the athletes that he helped coach set world record, you can read an article here in the Youth Runner Magazine.

there is a great article about him and how he started the running club here located in the Coastal Bend Magazine. 

After a few years he moved on from the running club and wanted to work with collegiate atheletes. He has worked/volunteered at Bradley University, Texas Tech University, and Warner Pacific University in the track and cross country departments. He has only furthered his knowledge of strength, conditioning, and injury prevention. He still continues to compete at the highest level in both running and swimming events.

Coach Eddie Ortiz

Coach O’s future

Coach O’s most recent coaching was at the Warner Pacific Univeristy where he was the head coach for the Track and Cross Country Programs. He really enjoyed working at the University but do to unforseen circumstances had to relocate back to Texas. I think what he’s going to miss most of all is all of the good running trails that Oregon had to offer, but is happy to be back in South Texas. 

Me and Coach O hung out recently and he’s decided to come aboard the Rolling IT out Crew, He is a huge asset to bring on board and I couldn’t be more excited. Coach O is a lot of fun to be around and he is a wealth of information! Coach O and I have big plans for the website, Keep an eye out for Coach O’s product reviews as well as blog posts.

Coach Eddie Ortiz - Rolling It Out

Here’s Coach O Rolling IT Out!

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