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Great, you're interested in finding out what is the Best Foam Roller for Beginners is. 

First, let's learn about the  material that the Foam Rollers are  made up of. It is a  very important part to the Foam Roller, it makes a huge difference! Then at the end I will talk about the Best Foam Roller for Beginners.

1.) Type of Material

Polyethylene "PE" Foam Rollers

*Polyethylene "PE" Foam Rollers
Basic and cheapest of All Foam Rollers. It is the Standard of Standard and the very original Foam Roller. IT has the most "give" and is made of lower quality, meaning that over time it will lose its shape. It is considered a Low Density or Soft Foam Roller. If you are a newbie to Rolling IT Out, or thinking of buying one for yourself. PE Foam Rollers are a great start to get into.

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Ethylene Vinyl Acetate "EVA" Foam Rollers

Another Standard, but a step up from the PE Rollers. EVA Foam Rollers still have a little "give" and ideal for those people who do not want a hard Foam Roller. It is an excellent shock absorbent material, lightweight and longer lasting than PE Rollers. It is considered to be a Low Density or Soft Foam Roller, slightly above PE Rollers..

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Expanded Polypropylene "EPP" Foam Rollers

Categorized as a Firm Foam Roller this provides a deeper Massage than the previous materials. There is no "give" and you can not squeeze Foam Roller. It is made of durable material and the Foam Roller won't lose its shape over time. This is a perfect option for Gyms and Physical Therapy offices who have a lot of people using the Foam Rollers. EPP Foam Rollers are a little more expensive than your standard PE Foam Rollers. But EPP Rollers are a great investment to make!

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Ethylene Vinyl Acetate(EVA)/PVC

These Foam Rollers are the EVA With PVC core. This provides more stability and ensures that won't lose shape over time. The Grid is a good example of the PVC core.

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2.) Texture of Foam Roller

It is the Standard of Standard and the very original Foam Roller. The smooth surface is what you will be rolling your body part over., providing a "gentle" massage. When Foam Rollers are Smooth in texture they can provide an even pressure. Smooth Foam Rollers can come in a few different types of Material, either soft or firm.The Softer the Foam Roller the more likelihood they will (eventually) lose their shape. Think of the ones at the GYM, they've been used by hundreds of people...eventually that Soft Foam is going to cave or breakdown! Luckily they are really inexpensive. The harder the foam the less likely it will lose its shape!

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Textured Foam Rollers are meant to mimic hands, working on different knots in your muscles. They can get in to tough spots that a Smooth Foam Roller can't. Textured rollers are a Firmer Foam Roller and can provide a more precise targeted massage for your muscles. The Ridges or Bumps are supposed to be more like a deep tissue massage, mimicking hands of a masseur

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Yes, they now have vibrating Foam Rollers! Think of it more like a Massage on steroids. This is probably by far the Fanciest of ALL Foam Rollers. It's just a perfect COMBO! You are Self Massage by Rolling it Out on Foam Roller PLUS you are getting a constant Massage through the vibration. Most come with a few different settings that you can select, increasing the vibration intensity. Obviously this ain't Cheap but It is definitely worth it.

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3.) Color

Color is a preference

When Foam Rollers first hit the scene they were "color coded" as you can see in the chart. But Now there are many different colors to choose from, there are even animal prints! The different color choices now for the Foam Roller are just a preference. There are so many different makers and different brands that they have veered away from the "color coded" system.

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Old Color Scheme

Take a look at the chart to see the old school generic Foam Roller Chart. Basically White is Soft, Blue/Green is Medium, and black is hard.

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4.) Size

Big or Small?

Is BIGGER Better? Not Necessarily... Foam Rollers used to be a standard size. Now, there are ALL sorts of sizes of Foam Rollers. Each Foam Roller has a different purpose to target a different key area of your body. The human body is composed of over 650 Muscles! That is a lot of different muscles to Roll Out! So... Boom, they developed All sorts of Sizes to help Ease Muscle Pain and get those "trigger points" Some Foam Rollers are also more Travel Friendly. Click here to see a list of Travel Friendly Foam Rollers.

Just determine what Muscle(s) you want to Isolate or want to Massage and Determine which Size is right for YOU. Here is a little chart that could help.

Best Foam Roller for Beginners

Ok so FINALLY Now that we know a little more about the different types of Foam Rollers, let's get to the Best Foam Rollers for Beginners. I would recommend EVA or
PE Foam Rollers for the person who is new to "Rolling It Out". PE/EVA Foam Rollers are going to be a little softer and provide more "gentle" massage if you are new to
Foam Rolling. There is no exact science to "Rolling It Out" but if you do go too hard at first it can be a real turn off and will probably hurt.

If you work out a lot or are consistently getting sore, then you should probably go with more of a Firm Foam Roller. You could of course have multiple Foam Rollers because they each provide something a little different, however, if you don't have one at all then you should get a Firm Foam Roller. A Firm Foam Roller will provide more of a deeper massage for your muscles.

Click here to see EVA Foam Rollers

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