Hi Fellow Foam Rollers!

Hi Guys! My name Is Nikki Heat and I am a huge Fan of Foam Rollers! I am the founder and creator of RollingITout.com I live an active lifestyle and LOVE to use my foam roller. It significantly boosts my mood and stretches my muscles and I try to use it daily! I wanted to collaborate all the info I could and place it here so that everyone could benefit.

So, I created this website to highlight the glorious foam roller. I wanted to show the benefits of using a foam roller and I wanted to show exercises and stretches that use the foam roller.

Have a look around and get familiar with Foam Rollers, become a fanatic with me! Feel free to comment with any suggestions or any personal stories of your own love for Foam Rollers. Thanks!

If you want check out the other member of the Rolling IT out Crew, Meet Coach O
Keep Rolling it out!





Founder of RollingItOut.com


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